Alerting for echelons

Where are echelons likely to occur during my race, and how big is the risk?

Head- and tailwinds

Where and how strong will the head- and tailwinds be during my race?


MyRacewind runs on multiple devices (pc, tablet, smartphone, …) and multiple platforms (iOS, Android). The interface is built around a map view where you select the race of interest. Each race contains the following three layers:

wind arrows

echelon risk map

head- and tailwind map

The echelon map shows the risk for echelons by making use of the typical alerting colors: green, yellow, orange and red. Green means very low risk and red very high.

The app only requires a GPX race track as input and is based on an algorithm, that constantly evaluates following four parameters alongside the track:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Slope
  • Landscape (open or closed)

For the head- and tailwind map, red colors means headwind and blue colors tailwind. The darker the color the more head- or tailwind there will be.

MyRacewind uses real time wind forecasts and can forecast 10 days upfront the race. With a time slider, the evolution during the race can be followed hour by hour. There is a geolocation option to position yourself along the track, which can be useful for team directors in the car.

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